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The International Academy of Prevention, Performance and Longevity

We believe, Prevention is the Cure - Lifestyle is the Medicine

As "Healthcare Providers with the utmost integrity,"  the IAPPL believes primarily our first concern is:

'How do you make your body the most inhospitable place for disease to occur?'

We also believe that your approach to health will change when you explore with us, the implications and the changes required as you take on board the enormous upsides of this simple question.

Imagine - an objective, quantifiable method of patient care that carefully evaluates a patient's future health - or lack of health.

Imagine  - having the practice tools, insights and guidance protocols all backed by solid evidence-backed science, to alter a patient's future - one that avoids catastrophic, chronic disease.

Imagine - being in a position to improve the risk profiles of those already afflicted with chronic degeneration by the application of the Lifestyle Medicine arsenal focused on Quality of Life.

Imagine - showing the way by you being in your best possible shape of your life.

Imagine - your increased personal, business and professional influence that will flow from completing the academic training, the fellowship and your own Personal Lifestyle Program.

This is what Dr Patterson Stark has been doing for the last ten years and for the last three, teaching individual practitioners the healing arts of how to be personally healthy, financially secure and ultimately helping others by leaving a legacy of health and vitality to their clients. But first - some let us introduce Dr Patterson Stark:

IMG_0016Dr. Patterson Stark is a US trained Chiropractic Physician.

He has over 35 years experience in applied kinesiology, acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, endocrinology, nutritional biochemistry and physiology and has taught most of these subjects worldwide since 1982.

His current interest in Lifestyle Medicine has led to the creation of the International Academy of Prevention, Performance & Longevity. (IAPPL).

This is now certifying doctors of all disciplines in Lifestyle Medicine.

Mission Statement

Starkwellness: The only healthcare leadership and certification program that takes on the re-schooling of both the health practitioner and the patient in a whole new wellness journey that mainstream medicine acknowledges - it cannot manage.

That is, to make the body an inhospitable place for chronic degenerative disease to occur.

Prevention is the Cure – Lifestyle is the Medicine.

What Others Have Said About This Training:

"Dr Stark’s programs are leading the world in maintaining health - in the real world, difficult to do..." Ben Warren

"Exactly what I needed as a practitioner – this is going to help me re-focus my practice and keep me on track..." Jacqui Houghton-Lee

 Today's system does not educate, promote or even acknowledge lifestyle as "healthcare”!

If it did fund Lifestyle Medicine, chronic disease medicine revenues would be cut in half as would the associated pain and suffering.