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The International Academy


Prevention, Performance and Longevity


Prevention is the Cure - Lifestyle is our Medicine


We want to show you a model of healthcare delivery that will change your life and the quality of it for the betterment of you, your family and patients.

IAPPL Certified Providers  have the utmost integrity."  The first primary concerns are logically:

  • Do you have a high level of health assurance - 'are you a inhospitable place for disease to occur?' 
  • Are you as a provider a credible picture of health?
  •  Are you confident you walk the walk of personal health - so to better teach it?
  • Do you know how to screen, examine, educate and have a financially stress free Lifestyle Medicine practice?

Your approach to Healthcare and Lifestyle will change when you explore with us, the implications of a new way to practice outlined below.


An objective, quantifiable method of patient care that carefully evaluates a patient's future health - also identifying pathology years in advance of normal medical detection.

When you have the practice tools, insights and guidance protocols all backed by solid evidence-backed science, to alter a patient's future - you have less stress and more enjoyment in practice.

Improving the risk profiles of those already afflicted with chronic degeneration by the application of the Lifestyle Medicine is possibble from the arsenal of Lifestyle Medicine.

By you yourself  being in your best possible shape of your life (mental, physical and metabolic) you have confidence in what you do and how you live.

NO ADVERTISING NECESSARY.  In our business,  professional influence from being authintic insures a lifetime of rewarding work. Word of mouth travels fast when people grasp the foundation of what you do and practice.

This is what Dr Patterson Stark has been doing for the last thirty-eight years and for the last four, teaching individual practitioners -one at a time, the healing arts of how to be personally healthy, financially secure and ultimately helping others by leaving a legacy of health and vitality to their clients.

IMG_0016Dr. Patterson Stark is a US trained Chiropractic Physician.

He has over 40 years experience in Lifestyle Medicine as a holistic Chiropractor.  Using applied kinesiology, acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, endocrinology, nutritional biochemistry and physiology the blending of science and art has contiuned to this day.

His current passion for Lifestyle Medicine has led to the creation of the International Academy of Prevention, Performance & Longevity. (IAPPL).

 Certifying doctors of all disciplines in Starkhealth's unique blend of Lifestyle Medicine, starting first with healthy a practitioner.

Mission Statement

Stark Health is our method: (Direct, devoid of confusion - to the point)

The IAPPL's role is to train a new breed of provider that has the tools and authenticity to analyse, plan and mentor ideal lifestyle solutions that aid in the prevention of disease and return health when absent by supporting all holistic factors.

From relationships, exercise, stress reduction and metabolism - lifestyle medicine's central focus for the IAPPL providers is BALANCE. 

Prevention is the Cure – Lifestyle is the Medicine.

What Others Have Said About This Training:

"Dr Stark’s programs are leading the world in maintaining health - in the real world, difficult to do..." Ben Warren

"Exactly what I needed as a practitioner – this is going to help me re-focus my practice and keep me on track..." Jacqui Houghton-Lee

All of us - cast our pebbles in to the pond of life.

 It is the ripples -our intent, which defines our existance 


How is it ethical Lifestyle as Medicine is missing in  "healthcare"?  

 Starting with balanced, vibrant educated practitioners of the healing arts, we will  create a new age and enlighted standard of healthcare - now.

We strive to leave this legacy for our children. Please join us.